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Professionals know, the best is what brings out the best in a dog. Most talented, dedicated groomer, meet most talented, fantastic, organic product. Like you, our aim is to not only have the dog look like movie star magic on the outside, but feeling like he could chase postmen day and night, without breaking a sweat. Our groomer only sets will make your customers beg (and perform tricks) for more.

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1.3 Gallons Organic Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo

Shea butter and almond oil unite in this enriching shampoo, providing your dog with soft skin and a luxuriously radiant coat. Boosted with Shea butter's superior moisturizing properties, it protects against dry skin and fights off flakiness. Shine on, little dog, shine on.

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1.3 Gallons Organic Italian Honey Oatmeal Shampoo

Honey and oatmeal soothes, heals and makes dogs feel safe and happy. This shampoo helps skin retain moisture, and is safe for sensitive skin. Wonderful after-the-beach shampoo, or whenever pooch needs some TLC. Exfoliates, cleanses and calms irritated skin. Beach bum dog no more.

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1.3 Gallons Organic Italian Milk and Vanilla Shampoo

Italian milk and vanilla? Simply nourishing and luxurious, your dog will feel like Italian royalty slipping into a bath of pure milk infused with the opulent scent of vanilla... Milk rejuvenates skin, makes it supple and soft. Vanilla helps fur shine and makes your dog smell oh, so good. Tiara – stat!

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1.3 Gallons Organic Mediterranean Sea Breeze Shampoo

Warm summer days are eternal with mediterranean sea breeze shampoo. Golden seaweed, honey and a hint of lavender are a magic spell that conjures the ocean and gives your dog the soft skin and silky fur of the rich and famous, without having to lift a paw. Life is royal when a dog looks, feels and smells as good as this.

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1.3 Gallons Organic Oatmeal Fragrance Free Conditioner

Use this on your dog and it will be the envy of town. Honey, oatmeal and butter work together to soothe skin, and bring a healthy radiance to fur. This powerful conditioner helps detangle and shine the coat as it comforts and pampers Fido. After one rinse, Fido will feel like the king or queen of the castle.

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1.3 Gallons Organic Peaches and Cream Shampoo

Sweet, juicy organic peaches with sugar cane to keep your dog smelling sweet, looking good and frizz-free! Hydrating and soothing, this rich moisturizing shampoo will have Fido looking photo-shoot ready and smelling just fresh and peachy!

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5 Liter (1.3 Gallon) Organic Olive Oil Shampoo

Simple. Effective. Amazing results. Italian virgin olive oil moisturises deeply, making skin soft and supple, fur clean, and sparkly. Italian virgin olive oil is oh, so perfect for dogs and their humans with sensitive noses, who still want fido to win awards. Mmmm... olive oil... perfect.

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5 Liter (1.3 Gallon) Organic Lavender and Cashmere Shampoo

Lavender is not only a delicate scent, but its calming properties will help bring to heel even the most skittish dog. Combine lavender with luxurious cashmere and your doggy clients will not only look and feel as gossamer and gorgeous as... well, cashmere, but they'll be the envy of everydog, every where.

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