Formulated in our Italian human-grade cosmetics facility with the finest 100% organic ingredients and natural fragrance oils, our pet grooming products are absolutely magnifico! Specifically PH-balanced for your pet’s sensitive skin – paraben, sulfate and soap free – all our grooming products are made with your pet’s health, happiness and comfort in mind.


Our  Royal Treatment shampoos combine science with nature and are made from the highest quality 100% handpicked organic ingredients. We understand the needs of dogs, so each shampoo is tearless, brightens, soothes and moisturizes a dog's sensitive and delicate skin, creating a silky, glossy and shiny coat.


Our soothing conditioners are made from 100%, high quality, handpicked organic ingredients. They detangle, and give an extra dose of loving care in the form of hydration, shine, and brightening.

Bath Spritzes

For in-between baths and busy people, our wonderful bath spritzes hydrate and soothe skin, shine and detangle the coat, and replace unwanted pet odors with essential fragrance oils from Italy. Created with seven 100% Organic ingredients, these bath spritzes can be described as food for your pet’s sensitive skin.


Quick and easy, our wipes are saturated with natural ingredients and essential fragrance oils to nourish your dog's skin while leaving the fur clean, shiny and deliciously scented. Great for a quick wipe down, and for cleaning stained eyes, delicate ears, muddy paws and minor cuts and scratches.


Our shampoos, conditioners, bath spritzes and wipes contain an array of 100% organic ingredients and are available in fabulous, indulging formulas which blend science with nature. Whether spa-ing at home, on the run, or parading around the dog park, Fido will look and feel pet-tastic. 24-hour happy, healthy doggy luxury.

Groomers Only

Professionals know, the best is what brings out the best in a dog. Most talented, dedicated groomer, meet most talented, fantastic, organic product. Like you, our aim is to not only have the dog look like movie star magic on the outside, but feeling like he could chase postmen day and night, without breaking a sweat. Our groomer only sets will make your customers beg (and perform tricks) for more.