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For in-between baths and busy people, our wonderful bath spritzes hydrate and soothe skin, shine and detangle the coat, and replace unwanted pet odors with essential fragrance oils from Italy. Created with seven 100% Organic ingredients, these bath spritzes can be described as food for your pet’s sensitive skin.
No Parabens, Soaps, Alcohol, or SLS.
Blended with Essential Fragrance Oils.

5.0 oz Organic Almond and Shea Butter Bath Spritz

Shea butter and almond oil come together in this fab spritz, sending doggy smells to the dog house and replacing them with the soothing and calming scent of Shea butter and almond. The oils hydrate your dog's skin and coat, making pooch shiny and soft. Shine on little dog, shine on...even between baths.

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5 oz Organic Buttermilk and Oatmeal Spritz

Itchy, dry skin means sad dogs. Luckily moisture-rich almond & soothing oatmeal come to the rescue between spa days within a handy spritz. Frazzle turns sleek, and your pooch will turn heads with all other dogs wondering 'who's that dog?'

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5.0 oz Organic Chamomile and Shea Butter Bath Spritz

The richly moisturizing power of Shea butter and calming, soothing properties of chamomile are just the thing on spa day to make your dog look soft, sleek and glamorous. Oh no, you say, you don't have time for spa day? No problem. Our bath spritz rich in organic ingredients is here to step in. Quick and easy to use as it leaves your dog smelling like a million dollars. Glamour-DOG on the run!

5 oz Organic Coconut and Vanilla Bean Instant Bath Spritz

The tropics are strong in this spritz. Rich, moisturising coconut and vanilla dance together to make your dog shine like a star, while keeping skin lovely and hydrated..not to mention smelling tropically fresh and clean. And all with a few spritzes. It's enough to do the Tahitian Tango.

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5 oz Organic Honey Flower Bath Spritz

The nectar-rich Honey Flower fragrance oil is imported from Australia and added to our base spritz formula in Italy. Combined with ten 100% Organic ingredients including Honey and Oatmeal, this spritz will moisturize and soothe sensitive skin while instantly deodorizing your dog. Just one spritz will turn your dog into a walking room deodorizer.

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5 oz Organic Honey and Oatmeal Bath Spritz

Honey and oatmeal is like soft, fuzzy slippers and hot cocoa. It soothes and makes dogs feel safe and happy, no matter what time of day or night or on the run. The spritz helps skin retain moisture and is safe for sensitive skin. Wonderful after-the-beach spritz, or whenever pooch needs some TLC. Beach bum dog no more.

5 oz Organic Italian Milk and Vanilla Bath Spritz

Italian milk and vanilla's luxuriously nourishing ways will make your dog almost glisten with the look of the truly pampered, like royalty of days of old, languishing in pools of vanilla-scented milk... With just a spritz or three: simple, rewarding, results. Oh, to be your dog...

5.0 oz Organic Italian Virgin Olive Oil Bath Spritz

Rich, earthy, natural. Italian virgin olive oil is as real as a dog can get and still glow, shine, and show off a glamorously silky coat - no matter how long he has been playing in the dog pond. The virtues of olive oil simply make all dogs shine, especially with this convenient between baths spritz.

5.0 oz Organic Lavender and Cashmere Bath Spritz

A marriage made in heaven, this delicately luxurious spritz is perfect for those much needed calming moments. Whether life's been too busy to doggy spa, or it's just time, thanks to the soothing properties of lavender, this spritz will keep your dog feeling zen, smelling fresh, clean and classy. Pearls optional, bobby sox not recommended.

5 oz Organic Mediterranean Sea Breeze Spritz

Even the busiest urbane dog needs a holiday. And where better than on the mediterranean sea, feeling the sweet breeze ruffle fur? Tired dogs can now transform into happy hounds with shiny fur every day with this spritz. A few quick sprays and your dog will be transported to the ocean. Deck chair not included.

5 oz Organic Peaches and Cream Bath Spritz

How do you make an already sweet doggy sweeter? By pampering your pooch with our delicious peaches and cream spritz! Soft, silky fur and skin. Simply pop it in your bag and your dog will always be smelling sweet and fresh as...peaches and cream.

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5 oz Organic Pumpkin Patch and Sugar Cane Instant Bath Spritz

Spice up your dog's life with the rich and spicy notes of pumpkin and sugar. This joyful combination brings out shine, and with an aroma that promotes vigor, this is the perfect soothing and moisturizing detangling spray for lazy hounds...or any dog who needs a little shine, a little pick-me-up at a moment's notice.

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